Brits Get It On

Airline: Westjet
Flight Number: WS26
From: Edmonton To: London
Time: Evening
Aircraft: Not Sure
Location: Lavatory
Altitude: 30000
The Story: I was on my way back from Las Vegas on the biggest weekend of the year, the Mayweather vs. Mcgreggor fight weekend . I was sitting in my seat, waiting for take off and hoping that the seat next to me would be empty. Then the cutest British guy came and sat down next to me. We instantly started talking and apparently didn’t stop because we only noticed 2 hours into the flight that we’d actually taken off! The two of us were so deep in conversation that we lost sight of everything around us. A couple more hours into the flight, we were holding hands and telling each other the most personal of details. I excused myself to go use the toilet, and when I got back I couldn’t help but mention how big the lavatory actually was. We both joked as he said “are you thinking what I’m thinking” and I let him know that I was thinking about exactly what he was thinking. We carried on talking for a while longer, but at one point we both laughed so hard that our faces somehow ended up very very close to one another… and we kissed. It was a slow, sensual kiss, and I instantly felt myself warm upto his embrace. He was a wonderful kisser. He slowly slid his hands in between my legs, and I could feel myself get wet. I then told him to meet me in the lavatory in 2 minutes and he handed me a condom. I waited and he knocked and as soon as he got inside, we grabbed each other and started making out… hard. I took all my clothes off and stood in front of him and let him look at me, he was rock hard and BIG. He sat down on the toilet seat, and I got on top of him, reverse cowgirl style. We fucked hard and he had me moaning so loud as I bounced up and down on his cock. I orgasmed very quickly and he took the condom off and shoved his cock in my mouth. I deep throated his cock till he came all inside my mouth and I swallowed his load. I cleaned up and left first… but there was another guy waiting for the lavatory. When the door latched behind me, he understood what was going on, and when he came out of the lavatory the other guy was like “that’s how you do it my man”… It was hilarious. Afterwards we cuddled the whole flight and exchanged numbers near the end. It was an exhilarating experience and we even giggled at the fact that the whole plane definitely heard me moaning but that we loved every second.

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