Commuter Fun

Prefix: Mr.

First_name: Richard

Last_name: Reynolds

Date: 11-10-13

Airline: United

Flight: 5027

From: Cleveland

To: Hartford

Time: Afternoon

Aircraft: Commuter

Location: Lavatory

Altitude: 33,000

Comments: Ruby and I had planned on joining the “Mile High Club” before this flight and agreed that if at all possible, we would have sex on this flight. We got on the plane in Cleveland. It was a smaller commuter jet, the type with one seat on one side and two seats on the other. We sat in 18b and 18c, the last two seats on the plane. We looked at each other and decided this would be our best opportunity for intercourse on the plane, and to join the “Mile High Club”. The thing that could interfere with us having sex, was a guy sitting across the aisle, in a single seat. After we took off, I looked at Ruby and told her that if the guy across from us went to sleep, we could get into the lavatory and quickly have sex. We agreed and sure enough, after about 30 minutes into the flight, the guy dozed off. The flight attendant had started serving drinks and Ruby asked me if we should go into the lavatory before or after she finished serving. I said after, so we waited. As soon as the flight attendant finished with us and started taking the cart back to the front, I pulled the tray table down and put my coat in my lap. I unzipped my pants and Ruby reached inside and started stroking my dick. I got hard pretty quick and kept looking over at the guy across the aisle to make sure he was still sleeping. Once I was sure he was asleep, I stood up with my pants unzipped and made my way quickly inside the lavatory. Ruby came in immediately after and we shut the door. I was behind Ruby and she stood in front of me and pulled down her pants, exposing her pussy to me. I rubbed my dick against her pussy trying to work it inside her. It took us a couple of minutes, but she raised up perfectly and my dick slid inside her. Our plan was to just for me to make a few strokes and pull out so we could say we had sex a mile high, but it felt so good inside her that I kept moving in and out. I grabbed her hips and started pushing faster in and out of her until I came. After we pulled up our pants, Ruby said, “You go first and then I will”. As soon as I opened the door, another guy was standing there waiting to use the bathroom. He backed up as I moved into my seat. Ruby hadn’t seen the guy and had already shut the door. After I sat down, the guy moved by me to get in the lavatory. He pulled on the door a couple of times. Ruby told me later that she thought it was me trying to get back in, so she opened the door and was totally shocked to see the other man standing there. I heard him say “Oh, I’m sorry”, and he moved back up the aisle a bit. Ruby came out about a minute or so later and I let her sit back down beside me. After Ruby sat back down, the guy moved by us and went into the lavatory. We sat there laughing and talking about how great the experience was. We’ve been talking about doing it again next time we have another chance. IT WAS GREAT !!!!

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