Don’t be shy

Airline: AirIndia
Flight Number:
From: To: India
Time: Red-Eye
Aircraft: 747
Location: Window Seat
Altitude: 6868
The Story: I was coming back form Germany to India with my family but the good thing was that I wasn’t exactly with them. We were in different planes because of different timings. So what happened was that the plane in which I was flying in was about half empty so the other passengers were seated way apart and I had a window seat. From my seat I saw a passenger and you know like it’s that awkward moment that two people are alone and they see each other but at the same time they feel a little awkward. So I finished watching a movie and then I was like hell with it, I just went to that girl sitting 2 seats ahead if me. I introduced my self and we started talking and every thing was going great but like like out of no where we started talking about porn. It didn’t felt awkward or anything but it was like we are having any usual talk. The girl was from Russia so usually Indian girls aren’t that open to talk that kind of stuff

So the topic started form porn and I just don’t remember how it went to let’s have sex. MAN that girl wasn’t even shy like WTF. I have to admit that I was nervous like shit and we just did it like on my seat and the lights were off so that helped and we had a blanket on ourselves. Man I haven’t had an experience like this.

I was so excited but at the same time I was scared too because if anyone had caught me doing this I would have bean screwed.

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