Fond Farewell

An Altitude to Remember

“Domestic. Regional. Daytime flight.” In the movie “Up in the Air”, Vera Farmiga bragged to George Clooney, and he was impressed. Her mile high situation made a trans-oceanic long haul flight seem lame, what with the dimmed cabin lights and snoring passengers, it would hardly be a challenge. It dawned on me that I owned the same bragging rights, and to top it off, I was inducted into the Mile High Club. with a pilot!
Up in the air best described my relationship with this handsome pilot. We met on a commuter flight a little over a year ago. We sat next to each other and shared an amusing conversation for the whole duration of the two and a half hour flight. Since he was a military pilot who had flown different types of aircraft, I asked if he could land the plane if our captain decided to have a heart attack. He said yes, have no fear, he could land the plane. However, being a smart ass, I insisted that I would like to land the plane instead, and that he should take a number and wait for his turn. We ended up in bed in our destination.
We came from different countries and we both had our lives planned, but our mutual attraction lingered. We managed to meet up several times the following year, each time in a different city, where we enjoyed each others’ company and immersed ourselves in clandestine existence for that moment in time.
All good things must come to an end, let alone a long distance relationship. So, during our getaway in Key West, we decided that it would be our last. Our final journey on board a domestic, regional, daytime flight from Key West to Atlanta was, needless to say, bittersweet. We found ourselves standing at the back galley, wanting privacy to begin bidding our long farewell, only to find that we were in the way of the flight attendants trying to prepare their serving trolleys. They teased to say that they would soon get out of our way, and as we watched them push their trolleys away, I saw a twinkle of delight in his eye. it took but a split second before our minds were in sync with a naughty thought, a chance of a lifetime.
We slipped into the washroom, and in that very tight space, at flight level 340, with our bodies as close together as the air, we made love.

Name Date Airline Flight # Time
Mr. & Mrs. Fiona January 2012 Delta - Afternoon
Aircraft From To Location Altitude
- Key West Atlanta Lavatory 34000