From On-line to Climax

I met this cute girl “Kate” online about a year ago. I live in Canada and she is Canadian living in Germany. We started chatting and getting to know each other and one day mention to her that I will be in Europe around the end of July and will come back to Canada on August 7th. She was shocked because it was the same date she was supposed to come to Canada too. We started sharing details and what an awesome coincidence. She was coming that weekend to Paris to spend the weekend before flying to Canada. I was so excited to have some company in the plane since I fly alone from Canada to meet my friends in Europe. We met at the gate in the airport and we asked to have seats next to each other. They said we will have to manage it after we get on the plane. Once on the plane Kate’s seat was in the last row next to the windows and mine was in the middle so I went and asked the lady who was next to her if she would not mind exchanging seats and she agreed. Kate was wearing the perfect short black dress that turned me on the moment I saw her. I was in my shorts and commando. Shortly after the departure we received the beverages and drank them like shots. I complimented her sexy dress and sexy legs and she said she wore that dress for our first “date”. I knew what she meant by that. Then we started flirting and talking about fantasies and my hand reaches for hers and I look at her face to notice a “let’s get kinky” look. Within a few seconds I was caressing her legs and she was opening them as much as possible and her hand unzipped my shorts to grab my penis. I quickly grab a few blankets to cover ourselves. I noticed her warm juicy pussy not covered by any underwear. Surprise, she was commando too. She bends over while I finger her to give me a blow job with her head covered by the blanket. I look to my right and notice a young adult trying to look discretely towards us. I smile and I blink an eye. He smiles back in a way to say he is enjoying the show. I was so excited to the point I asked her to join me in the lavatory to finish what started. I did not need to say more than that. I went inside the lavatory and she followed me. I sat on the toilet and she sat on me going up and down and kissing me. Five minutes later we were almost done, I was covered by her juice as she squirted all over me. I heard some noise outside the lavatory, the flight attendants were back, so I ask her to get up and we get dressed. She faked sickness when we got out and I told one of the flight attendants that she vomited. She tells Kate to go back to her seat and get wrapped with 2 blankets to stay warm. I could notice from the looks of the other flight attendant that she did not buy our story. She smiled and I smiled back. We sat down and Kate wrapped herself in blankets as recommended and put her head on my lap and got back to the blow job to finish what we started. I was too excited knowing that we got almost caught. I did explode in her mouth and she took care of it swallowing all my juice. She smiled at me and cuddled and said it was awesome. We took a nap. The plane landed and when we got out of the plane the passengers sitting in front of us said we hope you had a nice flight, welcome to the club. We were shocked. Suddenly the flight attendant who knew what we did came to us and said she hopes it was a great experience. The young adult said to me when picking up the luggages that this is on his to do list. Kate left back to Germany 2 weeks after arriving to Canada. I will be in Europe this summer hoping to catch a flight with her again.

Name Date Airline Flight # Time
Mr. Leo Ferrero 7-Aug-2011 Air Canada Not sure Afternoon
Aircraft From To Location Altitude
Not sure Paris Canada Coach Class 35000