Getting Screwed Up

I was going to key west for a little R & R I departed from Jackson Ms very late on a Friday night we were detained in  Atlanta for several hours and during that unexpected lay over I met a young lady flight attendant who was going to Key West also she was flying on a open seat flight and she had been bumped 2 times in Atlanta she finally got a seat on the same plane as I had we had become acquainted during the 4 hour layover in Atlanta and I had bought her several drinks at an airport bar I think she was a little bit intoxicated by the time we boarded the plane I had been flirting with her and my hands had become a handyman in the bar she was wet from the heavy petting.  Shortly after takeoff I moved to the vacant seat that was next to her seat.  She just smiled at me and she took my hand and placed it in her lap and winked at me to continue with my handyman work.  She laid her carry on bag in her lap to cover my hand as I rubbed her between her legs. She was wiggling her hips as I increased the pace of my handyman job. She whispered in my ear to go to the restroom in the front of the plane and she said she would be there in a few minutes.  As I made my way to the restroom I couldn’t help myself. I was smiling from ear to ear.  As the restroom was in the section in front of the plane ✈️ I had to walk past the galley.  There was a flight attendant working on the beverage cart.  I felt like she knew what I was up to however I was too excited to care.  After a couple of minutes the  young lady opened the door of the restroom and stepped inside she quickly pulled her skirt up and she removed her panties.  She instructed me to sit down on the toilet and pull my pants down.  As soon as I was sitting she turned around and sat down on my lap.  She reached around and guided my now rock hard dock inside of her dripping wet pussy.  She controlled the pace of my cock trusting it into her warm and wet pussy. I have never had a woman screw me before. I had always done the screwing.  She was incredible, riding my cock she sat down on me very hard forcing my cock deep inside of her.  After only a few times she had me about to explode.  She pushed her pussy deep as she could get it and she started grinding her ass a round and around.  I couldn’t take this anymore. I let my cum go as she let out a low moan as my cum shot up into her pussy.  It was the best orgasm that I have ever experienced.  She quickly pulled herself off of my semi-hard dick.  She took some paper towels and cleaned my cock  and wiped my cum that was dripping from her pussy, put her panties on straightened her dress and calmly opened the door and walked out of the restroom.  After a long moment I pulled up my pants and shyly opened the restroom door and peeped out to see if anyone was there.  The flight attendant that was there when I entered the restroom was standing there staring at me.  She winked at me as I walked past her heading to my seat.

Name Date Airline Flight # Time
Mr. Paul Griffith Delta ??
Aircraft From To Location Altitude
Atlanta Miami 30,000