How to Kill The Moment

My girl and I were on our way to Mardi Gras and were already in the spirit of things with a few cocktails in Dallas. Plane was packed even the jump seat in the back had a flight attendant dead heading. But it was late and most folks were dozing. Trish is a marathon runner and fit. She had her breasts done and even though I am a natural kind of guy her proud chest made me smile and a lot of other guys as well. She loves sex and is very vocal when we fuck which I find to be a big turn on.
Anyway we were sitted in the last row which was a pain in the ass because the seats wouldn’t recline. But it was right next to the lav so when Trish got up to go it got me thinking.
Like the mechaqnically challenged girl she is she didn’t close the door properly and the lock slid outside the doorpost. Christ I thought it’s like the gods are trying to tell me something.
Without to much hesitation I stood up glanced at the flight attendand who I hoped wasn’t paying attention and entered the lav quickly closing the door. Trish gasped from her seat with her jeans down as she was in mid pee. what are you doing she asked in a sexy voice. What do you think I replied as I undid mine and pulled out my rapidly hardening cock. We exchanged a few what if’s before she took me into her mouth. Just then the banging started on the door. Trish freaked and I stood silent. Maybe she will go away I said as I tried to persuade Trish to continue. she was having none of it and pulled her jeans up as the fucking flight attendant once again attacked the door saying in a loud voice you can’t do that in there. By now everyone in the back end of the plane was awake. Neither of us wanted to go out now so we stood quietly facing each other talking quietly.
Again the bitch outside continued in her tirade. Now I started to get angry. WTF was her problem. Trish could see what was coming and cowered on the seat as I yanked open the door and yelled back at her “What the fuck exactly do you have against consentual sex” The roar of laughter was followed by a round of applause as Trish and I slid back into our seats.

Name Date Airline Flight # Time
Mr. Mike Really Feb. 12 American Not sure Evening
Aircraft From To Location Altitude
MD 90 Dallas New Orleans Lavatory 30000