Inuendo or In Your End OH?

It was my summer holiday. I was flying to Cyprus for a fortnight of sun, sand and sex.
Being a warm day, all I was wearing was a short sun dress. I had no bra or knickers on underneath.
I took my seat in the plane and found I was next to a quite attractive man in his late twenties. He introduced himself, and we started to make conversation. He asked why I was going to Cyprus and I told him it was my summer holiday and I was going to enjoy myself. After about half an hour the conversation started to get a bit more intimate with a bit of sexual innuendo.
He complimented me on my appearance. He said that I looked very cool in my thin summer dress. I told him that I had nothing on beneath it. He laughed and suggested that I proved it. I undid a couple of buttons at the top and bent forward so that he could see my bare tits. He said that they were lovely, but didn’t prove I had no knickers on. With that he placed a hand on my thigh and slowly moved it up under my dress. I eased my legs apart, and soon his hand was on my hot little pussy. He smiled and started to give it a rub.
He told me that he adored smooth shaven cunts and that he was dying to fuck me.
By now I was really worked up and needed it badly.
Pulling my dress down, I got up. I said that I was going to the toilet, and asked him to follow me. Plane toilets are very cramped, but once inside he really gave me a good seeing to, making me cry out as I came at the same time as him.
After cleaning ourselves up we went back to our seats, but for the rest of the flight his fingers were in my pussy.

Name Date Airline Flight # Time
Mrs. Suzie Potter 30/08/2011 Easy Jet 0591 Morning
Aircraft From To Location Altitude
- Heathrow Cyprus Lavatory 3000