Kind of Shy

Date: 3 August 2013

Airline: SAA

From: Johannesburg

To: Frankfurt

Time: Evening

Aircraft: 747

Location: Coach Class

Altitude: 39000

Comments: I was on an evening flight to Frankfurt on business and my business associate sat next to me. As we took off I never imagined what would happen. At 39000ft, we started talking about the meetings we were both gonna be attending and soon drinks were served. The wine went down very fast and dinner was served and wine again and again. When the cabin lights went off she leaned on me and I don’t know how but our hands were holding under the blanket, I told her if she want to sleep on my lap its ok she may do so. She gladly did and the that’s when I felt the bulge in my pants. I was scared that she would think I’d feel it. I could not control it either it just kept rising, as I sat there embarrassed. I felt her hand feeling my bulge. Then she pulled the blanket over her head and sucked my hard dick like crazy. My heart was pumping very fast, I also put my hand under the blanket and reach down to her panties only to find that she was soaking wet. I stroked her as she sucked me it went on about 30 minutes and she said to me lets go to the toilet

I was kinda shy but the desire was too much. I said to her ok go first I will follow in 5 min. I went in and boy she was soooooo wet she just grabbed my dick slid it in. In no time she was on a state like someone just had just switched on electricity on her. Ohhh that was a great site to watch and I just came like ton of bricks. I will never forget. The rest is history and I am a proud and happy member of the Mile High Club.

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