Let Me Show You Around

I was on my way home from a vacation in New York with my best friend Maria. I had the window seat and originally she sat next to me. but she had problems with her knee and it started to hurt from the crammed position. she asked to switch seats with the guy sitting in the aisle seat. now, he was one of the hottest guys I have ever seen. he had just the right amount of lean hard muscles and down soft light brown hair. he was wearing low jeans and a tight shirt after having taken his jacket off. now, Maria and i had been talking on the way there about how fun it would have been to meet a stranger on the flight and just join the mile high club! so when he started talking to me, what do you think popped into my head? it didn’t help that his eyes kept straying to my boobs either. I have to tell you that they are quite conspicuous and hard not to see. i had also taken my jacket off and was only wearing a top that showed off my perky c-cups. we talked about my trip to New York and he told me he was going to Oslo on business. i offered him to show sights and we exchanged phone numbers. we went on to talking about friends and family. all the while horny. I was getting more and more h I don’t know how, but I suddenly found myself telling him about my silly conversation about MHC with Maria. it turned out that he had been having just about the same discussion with his buddies before leaving. the lights had long since been turned down, and Maria was asleep in her seat. before i knew it he was kissing me. His lips warm and heavy on mine. not only is he otherworldly hot, but he tastes fantastic as well. he is an expert kisser and before long i was so wet my jeans were soaked through. he slipped his hand up my thigh and when he found my crouch he groaned into my mouth. he undid my fly and pulled a blanket over his hand before he started to finger me. my clit was throbbing by the time he was done torturing it. I was steaming hot and really bothered and I figured it was only faire he should be as well. so I slowly undid his pants. his dick was heavenly. huge smooth and thick. the kind i always dream about riding. I slid it into my mouth and used one hand to follow the rhythm at the base. When I lightly grabbed his balls with the other, he started moaning so loud I was scared he would wake Maria. As his cock started swelling in my mouth I squeezed the base and slowly slide him out of my mouth. I asked him to meet me in the lavatory in the back of the plane. And got up. He tucked himself into his pants with some difficulty and tried to slip past Maria without waking her. He managed and so did I. everyone around us where either reading or sleeping. We quietly slipped into the back lavatory and started kissing again. It didn’t take long before he had our pants off. He slipped on a condom and turned me around so I was leaning against the sink. Then he slipped into me from the back. Slowly at first then faster. It felt as glorious as I imagined. He found a hard rhythm that had me moaning fast. He went on until I had a mind-blowing orgasm. Then he kept the beat up till I was finished coming before slowing. Then he turned me around and sat down on the toilet. He pulled me down on him so I was seated in his lap. His dick felt delicious sliding into me. And it was not long before I came again. I rode him hard and he was moaning hard. I kept a fast hard pace till I felt him swell and throb inside me. Then I slowed a bit as he came inside me. we stayed immobile for a while before he slide out of me and threw away the condom. We freshened up and walked back to our seat. Maria was awake and she gave me THE look. We sat back down and continued talking. We had sex two more times on the flight and he got me off in between as well. I had 8 orgasms that night. When we got to Oslo I did as I promised and showed him around Oslo. I also spent the two nights he was here in his hotel room. I still talk to him almost every day per telephone and email.

Name Date Airline Flight # Time
Lissy Olsen 12.03.2012 norwegian Not sure Red-Eye
Aircraft From To Location Altitude
Not sure new york oslo Lavatory 22000