Let’s hear it for Cougars

It started in the waiting area of the airport…McGarther Airport is a small airport and at the time there was only one place to wait without going to the actual gate, and that was upstairs at the bar / lounge.I had just turned 19 and was traveling to visit a cousin in Austin. I couldn’t afford an earlier ticket so here I was at almost midnight waiting for a flight.
As I entered the lounge I noticed a few guys sitting by the bar drinking beers, an older lady in a suit at a window table, her stocking feet resting on the chair across from her. I walked over and sat at the table just across from her, she didn’t even look up from her reading. A waitress came over and asked what I wanted so I ordered a cocktail, she left only to return within a few minutes, at this time the suit lady glanced over at me and went back to reading. The announcement came over stating our flight was being delayed due to a storm at our destination. I look our at the suit lady and she looked at me, we both shook our heads, I bravely introduced myself to her and she loosely shook my hand. “Beth” she said “nice to meet you” I stumbled on my tongue and said “same here”, she smiled maybe even giggled a little. In my best effort I started to talk to her, she was a rep for a software company and was also heading home to Austin. I guess the cocktail helped to loosen me up and the second one gave me nerve. We laughed about some things in common, she asked for me to move over to her table…I sat across from her as we chatted away. At some point I noticed she was moving her legs a bit, I asked her if she was ok. Her legs hurt, so I reached over and started to massage them, thought she would pull away, but instead she put them on my lap..her silk stocking and her soft legs started to arouse me, but with her feet in my lap I thought she would feel my erection, I tried to move but only made it worse for now her foot was resting right against my cock, then, as if she know, she looked up at me and pushed her toes against my cock and slowly stroked it…I could feel myself getting harder and harder..she looked at me with a smile I will remember forever…”ummmmmmm I love foot massages specially when they feel this good. She said “you are very talented” and she pushed harder. I knew that any moment I would lose control and again as if she knew, she stopped. She leaned forward and whispered in my ear ” do you know about the mile high club? ” Not having heard of it back then and in a frazzled state of mind I mumbled “no”…she gave a little chuckle “good, I will show you”…we sat back in our chairs and she kept staring at my crouch…my hardon was in full rage and pressing against my pants leg as it slide down the inside of my pants leg, and to make it worse a wet spot was developing. I looked over at her and then noticed how beautiful she truly was, she was in her late 30s maybe early 40s. As she stood up her legs were very shapely and the pencil skirt pinched at the waist very nicely, a white business blouse with only the top two buttons open and a matching blazer, from what I could see, nice firm breast. We looked at each other, she was about to saying something when they announced our flight was ready. We gathered our things and started heading towards the gate. I noticed that there wasn’t many flying this evening, which sent my mind racing, as we boarded I noticed that Beth was seating ahead of me by 2 rows, but there were no other passengers filling in the seats along side of either of us. As I settled in she came over and sat next me ” I don’t think they will mind” she said. We got comfortable and the flight took off, after to got to altitude the stewardess came around and offered blankets and pillows, we each took one and got comfortable. I with the blanket over us I could feel Beth lifting the arm rest between us, her hand was first on my thigh, then she took my hand and pulled it over to her, placed it on her thigh and gently pushed it down against her pussy mound, she rubbed my hand firmly against grinding slowly against it…I quickly got the message and started to pull up her skirt, she lifted herself up so I had easy access to her pussy, I slide my hand between her legs and up to her pussy, it was hot and soooo wet, I pushed one finger in, she gave a soft moan, I look at her face, her cheeks were red and her eyes were closing, I pushed another finger in and start to pump away, I could hear her wetness, her legs opened wider, her hand was on top on mine, faster and faster she had us going…then she looked at me leaned towards me and kissed me hard and deep as she came all over my fingers, skirting onto the seat and my hand…after several thrusts she collapsed in the seat with her head on my shoulder. She whispered in my ear “meet me in the bathroom”….got up and walked towards the back, a minute later I followed her.
I got into the lavatory and found her sitting on the sink, no panties, blouse wide open no bra, great tits that she was playing with “suck on this” as she pulled my head down…I undid my pants my 7″ cock as hard as a rock just waiting to explode..her other hand reach down and stroked me hard squeezing my cock and then guiding me into her, her pussy so wet I slide in with ease, her hands grabbed my ass and pumped my cock in and out like a machine faster and faster, driving deep inside her with each stroke,I was trying to suck on those great tits, her nipples were like cherries but she was going so fast and hard I couldn’t control them while holding on as we fucked like animals gone wild, then i could feel my balls tingling , I was ready to blow my load, ”
I’m going to come” “so am I ” she said “fuck me deep and shot you load deep inside me” and with that I reached behind her grabbed her ass lifted her off the sink and slammed her down on my cock three or four times and shot load like I never had before, I heard her give out a loud scream followed by moaning like I never heard, then she sighed and fell onto my shoulder…I thought for sure the pilot heard us…we cleaned up a bit, she left first and a minute or so I followed…to my surprise everyone was asleep…we got comfortable in our seat, Beth snuggled up on my shoulder again and whispered ” welcome to the mile high club”

Name Date Airline Flight # Time
Mr. Tom Holmstrom May 1984 Delta - Red-Eye
Aircraft From To Location Altitude
727 Islip McGarther New York Austin Texas First Class 26000