Lock Up When Done

I had been in the U.S. for two months with my traveling friend and the trip now went home to Denmark. In the two months we had had sex several times around the country. And we had on the trip agreed that now we should also be a member of the Mile High Club. We flew at night from Miami to London, so we had agreed when most passengers were asleep, we had to sneak out to the bathroom. We look us well around the plane to see if people slept and so did almost everyone, so my friend first went there, and after 30 seconds I followed. OMFG there was not much space, and it was warm in there. It was an indescribably great feeling to know that you now have to have sex while people sat just outside the door. I sat on the toilet while my friend sat on me, I pulled the sweater of her and kissed her breasts and then we fucked until we both came. It was a really cool experience, but it was not finished yet 🙂 When we were done and she had taken her clothes on, she went out first. I locked the door so I could wash “my little friend” but suddenly the door opened, and there stood a shocked man and saw that I was standing with my pants down. Fuck it was embarrassing, and fuck he looked shocked, but it was a cool and stunning end of our holiday 😀

Name Date Airline Flight # Time
Morten Hundebøl 3. april 2013 American Airlines BA1527 -
Aircraft From To Location Altitude
- Miami International (FL) Heathrow (London) Lavatory 5,350