Lost More Than Baggage

Once upon a time…, in 1973, I worked as a tour guide on Tenerife / Canary Islands (Spain) and lived there for 6 month in a good 4-star hotel. At the pool I met one day Barbara, a very nice girl who worked as a stewardess on board of the German charter-airline CONDOR.
It took only few hours and we both were in love. But due to our jobs we had to travel a lot, so that we didn“t see us often. It was not so important because we were from the beginning only “friends on time.” So, if we did had time, we were together. And if not, we were together with others…
By season’s end and the associated personnel changes in autumn I flew home to Hamburg / Germany, and Barbara was able to set their roster so that she could have had two days at my hotel “OFF” – and then we could fly home together. She on duty and I as an ordinary passenger.
Luckily there were only 15 passengers booked on the four-hour night flight. This happened often in those days and all pax sat in the front and middle of the aircraft.
So I had volunteered my seat in the very last back row. After take-off and the first service Barbara came to sit next to me and we snogged a bit. And about an hour after the service of the warm dinner Barbara came to me with two large rugs. We turned out the lights, covered ourselves and had a lot of fun and “many happy landings” together! So much so that Barbara’s colleague once admonished us, to be quiet – please! I learned that night that the air in an airplane at 10,000 meters in the sky can be rather thin. But I enjoyed learning.
Since I was back in Germany, unfortunately I“ve never seen Barbara again. And no chance to meet her, as my baggage was lost, including my address book. And never found by “lost & found”…

Name Date Airline Flight # Time
Mr. Michael McMike October 1973 CONDOR German Airlines - Evening
Aircraft From To Location Altitude
Not Sure TCI HAM Window Seat 35000