My Panties Now

Aircraft: 757

Location: Lavatory

Altitude: 30,000

Getting lucky

I recently traveled to Las Vegas with buddies for a few days of gambling and general letting down of our hair. The slot machines and black jack tables were not kind to me and I was beginning to feel very unlucky. Fortunately for me, my beautiful girlfriend joined me at the hotel the second night and stayed a couple of nights with me. She and I left Vegas a few days before my buddies did and were flying back to Dallas with a stopover in Houston. During the flight, we took every opportunity to kiss and fondle one another until we were both getting very aroused. She was wearing a short skirt and it was very easy for me to randomly play with her pussy. We did not have a blanket so we paid attention and got very busy when we felt the coast was clear. I was pushing my finger inside of her and she was extremely wet, more than once getting right to the brink of orgasm. She periodically lifted her skirt to give me a visual and would then finger herself and let me suck her juices from that erotic finger.

At some point, we decided to try our luck at the mile high club. We were sitting in the first class section of a Boeing 757 and chose to walk the entire length of the plane to the restrooms in the very back. We nervously walked down the aisle with her leading the way. The two flight attendants at the back nonchalantly watched us enter the restroom together. Upon entry, we embraced and began kissing passionately. My hands were all over her body. We were both really getting excited and I slid my hand up her skirt. Her pussy was soaking wet and the warmth inside of her was nothing short of an inferno. My gorgeous lady friend lifted her skirt and I slipped off her panties and let them drop to the floor. This is where the challenges entered the picture. I am a large man at 6’3″ and 260 pounds. There is NOT a lot of room for me in plane restrooms,and adding a lovely lady to the mix, finding just the right spot and angle was intriguing. However, after this delicious woman leaned down and sucked my cock for a few minutes, I was ready to meet all obstacles. She turned away from me and put one foot up on the toilet. I then hurridly stabbed her hot pussy with my cock. We were going at it pretty hot and heavy but every few minutes the lights would go out. When they did, my lover would reach back and do something and the lights would come back on. I keep on stabbing her, doing my best to split her into two pieces when we finally both came in mind bending orgasms… (She later told me my elbow was hitting the door lock and as it unlocked, the lights would go out)

We cleaned up a bit and I reached down and picked up her panties. Instead of handing them to her, I stuffed the tiny white thong into my pocket and told her they were now mine. My trophy! She exited the restroom first with me trailing right behind. The flight attendants did not even look at us as we walked away. I then pulled the panties out of my pocket far enough they were dangling down my leg. I walked the entire length of the plane showing off my “trophy”. After sitting down, I told my sweetheart what I had done and informed her they were staying out the rest of the trip. Needless to say, she was less than thrilled. I got random glances from other passengers and flight attendants but not one person said a word. When we arrived in Houston for our layover, we walked through Houston Intercontinental Airport for some 45 minutes. The entire time, those wet white panties were dangling from my pocket. My girlfriend was mortified at first and insisted on walking a few steps behind me, but after a few minutes, joined in the fun of watching people react with startled expressions, looks of envy and sincere smiles to what I was showing off. The next leg of the flight to Dallas included the panties exposed for all to see. It was great fun and one of the most memorable moments in our lives. And yes…she is still my girl. We have both laughed many time in remembering our MHC adventure. Additionally, I now own and wear an airplane tie clip nearly every day at work in honor or our Mile High Club experience.


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