School Outing (and inning)

So for spring break me and my girlfriend went to Europe with our school. We first went to London then to paris. Needless to say we had sex a lot during our visit we got it in almost every day.. I was hot and horny and the plane was filled with people. we sat in the middle isle with 4 or 5 seats and her ex best friend was sitting there next to her as well. We had just got our blankets and the air was turned on full blast. I had been wanting sex since the night before but we were able to get it in. As I stared at her chest she noticed me and gave me “the look” I slowly put my hand on her thigh and rubbed up on her. The feeling of getting caught was so amazing… She quickly laid on me and it was early in the morning like 5 or so. I unbuttoned her jeans and stuck my hand down her pants. She quickly then grabbed my dick and squeezed it. We were kissing and ready to get it on. As I moved into her pants I could feel the warmth of her pussy and she felt me getting harder and harder. I made my way to her pussy and felt how wet she was. I slowly messed with her pussy feeling it pulsate and thinking of how it looked. She had just shaved so I had a good idea. I messed with her clit so much she was dripping wet. She tried to shove my hand up her wet pussy but I pushed her hand away and just continued to rub her clit. By now she was red and extremely horny. we were in a very uncomfortable position but we went ahead and did our deed. I first inserted one finger then two then three by now she was moaning and the fear of her friend waking up was so exciting I started hitting it harder and harder as I inserted my whole fist into her. Her pussy was so wet it seemed as if she peed on me. I was so turned on I was about to bust. she slowly turned and took out my dick. Her friend seemed to be waking up so we covered our faces and pretended to be asleep. She went under the blanket and I stayed above. I then began to feel her mouth so warm on my thigh. Her friend turned and looked at me as my girl friend sucked me up. I was getting a little restless and her friend began talking to me. I held the condom for what seemed to be hours all I was thinking about was my girl sucking my dick and she slowly started to play with my balls. It was so amazing then I busted in her mouth as she was jacking me off. She continued sucking harder and harder and I just wanted her tight wet pussy. We went to the lav and made love. We went at it for about 30 min. I felt her pussy pulse and we were both breathless I turned and sucked on her hard nipples and didn’t wanna stop. We heard a knock and quickly stopped. She answered and said she was having cramps and would take a while. We continued to rub as I busted all over her pussy. She got out and I waited about 5 min after she got to her seat then I went out. We both fell asleep and about 30 min later I fingered her again! Yes flight of my life(;

Name Date Airline Flight # Time
Mr. Josh Ochoa Spring break Delta - -
Aircraft From To Location Altitude
- France LAX Aisle Seat -