Sexy Stranger

prefix: Ms.

First_name: Brandi

Last_name: Jones

Date: August 8, 2013

Airline: Southwest

Flight: 43

From: Chicago

To: Oklahoma City

Time: Evening

Aircraft: 737

Location: Lavatory

Altitude: 22,000

My name is Brandi and I am the mother of two children traveling to catch a connecting flight in Oklahoma City en route to Disney Land, CA. Heading on to the plane with husband guiding me and my two children by my side, we boarded the plane. As we took our seats, a very handsome Spanish looking businessman in a black suit with brown buzzed cut hair and what looked to be green eyes and some scruff right under his chin, caught my attention about two rows ahead of me. Through out the first few minutes as we prepared for take off, this hot man and me kept making continuous eye contact. Something about him made me tingle inside and made me have this urge to squirt all over him. This was not like me knowing that my husband and two children were right beside as I was going on a family vacation. About halfway through the flight, he got up and walked to the back to the rear of the plane and gave me this “sexy, I want to fuck you look” with his dreamy green eyes; this was my queue to follow him. I looked over to my family and said “mommy has to use the bathroom, stay with daddy in your seats”. As I approached the rear of the plane, I immediately wondered where this sex piece went. I waited for about 3 minutes since all the bathrooms were in use until the bathroom door behind me opened and I was quickly pulled in. And it all started.

He picked me up and threw me so hard on top of the counter and immediately started kissing me. His luscious lips locked with mine and the way he bit and sucked my lip made me want his cock in me so hard. He started to kiss and suck my neck, which started to make my clit pulsate.
He then made his way down quickly pulling and ripping apart my pink blouse revealing my double D tits. My nipples were as hard as cherries and ready to get sucked. Slowly, he ripped the blouse even more running his tongue up and down my naval as he unbuttoned my jeans. Soon after, my jeans were ripped off, I began caressing his cock bulge in his suit pants. I ripped off his jacket and tore off his white button down revealing his defined sex lines and abs. I immediately unzipped his pants and started to grope his massive hard cock. He immediately forced me off the sink and pushed me to my knees while pulling my hair and forcing his cock deep down my throat. I began to lick each side of his dick and then to sucking it harder then my own husbands. I swirled my tongue up and all around his dick making it so wet just wanting it in my tight wet pussy. I moved down to his balls and began sucking them as I heard his breaths begin to deepen. He forced me on to the sink again and lifted my g-string revealing my wet pussy. His tongue met my clit and started to swirl all around it giving me a little bite and suck every so often. His fingers were then gently pushed into my pussy and started to move making me build an orgasm. I then pushed his head towards my wet pussy again while pulling his hair and massaging his head. My feet started to tingle and curl and I rolled my head and eyes back as he was eating me. I finally squirted all over his hand, but we were not done. He forcefully picked me up and sat me down on top of his hard massive cock with his hands on my hips forcing me to ride him harder and faster. I let out a loud moan, screaming “fuck me harder”, and wanted it more and more. He then lifted me up off of him and forced me against the bathroom wall fucking me harder than I have ever gotten it before. I dug my nails in his back making him breathe harder and harder. We were reaching our climaxes and he was ready to unleash his big load of cum inside me and that’s all I wanted. About to cum, he pushed my head back putting both of his masculine hands on my face and said “welcome to the mile high club you sexy fucking milf” and kissed me hard with such emotion as his dick was still in me. He thrust his dick in me three more times until I felt his warm load fill my already soaked pussy. I felt it run down my leg as I quickly met it with my hand to get my last taste of this unforgettable experience. We quickly dressed each other and he said, “Im JB, it was nice to meet you” and left. I walked back to my seat and my husband whispered, “how was he?”

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