Stand Up and Salute

I was returning home after serving in the Army in Germany. I had been to Viet Nam and finished my time in Europe. I was sitting the back coach of a Boeing 707. The flight was a polar route. I had been making small chit-chat back and forth with a cute little blonde stewardess. Since is was 0200, no one was awake. Except for Brenda and myself. She had gone to the back station and sat down for awhile after a round of little inuendoes back and forth. I was in my Class A uniform. Which was how we were supposed dress to according to military.
Around 3:00 am pitch black cabin and I couldn’t sleep because I hadn’t been home in 2 1/2 years and was antsy. Brenda walked up to me (isle seat) and asked if she could hang up my unform coat. I said “sure”. I got up and gave her my coat. Then she told me to follow her to show me where the coat was to be hung. We both stood at the back and continued to chit-chat. She was interested about my service, What did I do, what did I see, etc. I was 20 years old and it appears I will live to see 21. I told her that. She leaned over and asked me if I’d ever heard about the mile high club. I did not have a clue. She excuses herself to the lavatory. A couple of minutes go by then the door to her lav cracks open and she whispers my name. She is sitting on the can with only her skirt on. She motioned me to close the door. Like I said I was 20 yrs old, a walking case of excess testosterone. Ding! Goes the bell in my head. She pulls my pants buckle apart and down goes the zipper. She pulls me out and begins to fondle and suck on a rapidly growing unit. I remember thinking at the time “Are you shitting me”, I am awake! She pushes me back a bit and stood up, turned around, pulled her skirt up to reveal what I thought was the most beautiful ass I’d ever seen. It wasn’t too long before I felt the sweet velvet of her pussy wrapped around me. It was not long at all before I let loose with a wad I just knew blew out her head. Damn! That was sweet! We redressed and I peeked out the door and the cabin was just as we left it. Quiet, dark and extremely relaxing for me. Standing at the galley section again she says to me “From me to you, Welcome to the club my hero”. I returned to my seat and promptly fell asleep until wheels touched down at 0830.

Name Date Airline Flight # Time
Mr. Dave Arnold 29 Mar 1972 Pan Am - Red-Eye
Aircraft From To Location Altitude
Not Sure Heathrow, London Seattle, WA Lavatory 33,000+