Strange DIY

Does a Remote-Control Sex toy Qualify Me?
How can it be? How can it be that the man who gave me one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever experienced remains unknown to me? Ah, to be ravished by a total stranger, that’s exciting enough…but more…there’s so much more to the story. Or perhaps I should say “less.”
For he never even touched me! And only afterwards did I see him. I just had to see his face. Who was this “masked” man?
So I tapped him on the shoulder, as we were all standing up in the aisle, after the eight-hour transatlantic flight, to file out of the airplane. He turned his head. I smiled, and mouthed, “Thank you. Thank you very much.” He blushed. Only then, it seemed, did he realize the pleasure he had given me — my phantom pilot.
To fly, to soar, to spread my wings (and legs) — with my phantom pilot at the controls. That’s what had happened high above the dark ocean — maybe Iceland — as the sun would soon rise over the coast of France.
But, actually, my phantom pilot was only nominally in control. I had planned it all, down to the last detail. My pleasure had been premeditated. I knew exactly what I wanted: to make a long-anticipated fantasy come true.
It started with how I decided to dress that day, well before the taxi came to take me to Dulles. I usually don’t wear flouncey skirts, but anything too tight might have revealed the bulge in my crotch. It was the sex toy deliciously called “The Scorpion,” strapped to the furtherest reaches of my upper thighs.
Its tiny rubber tail bends into my butt. It’s claws touch my clit. A three-foot wire cord runs to a remote, which controls the tool’s vibrating speed: slow, medium, fast.
I’m in control. I know what I want. My mystery passenger “friend” is totally unaware, just a tool, an extension (literally) of my sex toy. I reach forward around his upright seat, hand him the remote control, and whisper:
“Here, would you be a sweetie and play with this control switch?” I pause. “Probably best to start on the slow speed and gradually turn the knob faster.”
He takes the remote from my hand. I can’t help but giggle, then push the knob to recline my seat, and close my eyes.

Name Date Airline Flight # Time
Ms. Joy James 2 Jan. 2013 Air France 55 Evening
Aircraft From To Location Altitude
- Washington Dulles Paris Window Seat 30,000