Stranger Danger

The Story: I am 32, quite pretty, I think, quite a nice size 12, with average sized boobs with large nipples. My sex life was I thought alright, that was until I came upon this site by accident and realized what sorts of things other people did. I always thought my husband was quite a good lover and I nearly always managed to cum when we had sex. He was sometimes a bit quick as I often think I could probably manage a bit more instead of turning over and going to sleep. He has an average size cock but I realize now that he has probably never really satisfied me properly.

We have just returned from the Caribbean at an all inclusive holiday and anybody who has done that will realize how long the flight is coming back. We have two children and the plane we were on has seats set out in 2-3-2, and I was sat on my own next to the aisle. My husband was on the other aisle on the other side of the children.

As we were all settling down, a man, Gary, in his twenties sat next to me, next to the window. He was nothing exceptional, but he had a nice smile, and like most people on the plane was wearing shorts, and a tee shirt.

Gary and I introduced ourselves and he said that he was with his girlfriend, but they had not managed to get seats next to each other. She was at the back of the plane.

We took off, and I kept the children interested and occasionally chatted to Gary. He had a nice manner and I enjoyed the attention he was giving me, something I had not had in a long time. We watched the film, ate the airplane food, and as it was approaching 11 o’clock, the lights were lowered and people started to go to sleep. I pulled the blanket over me and tried to get some sleep. Surprisingly I did nod off and when I awoke some time later the plane was silent, the lights were low, and I had my head on Gary’s shoulder. I was a bit embarrassed, but felt comfortable nestled into his warm body. As I awoke, I was horrified to find that I had my arm around him, and worse still, my hand was resting on his crotch. We were both covered by the blankets, and the seats in front of us had been pushed all the way back, so it was very restricting.

I suddenly felt very wicked as I let my hand very gently caress the bulge in his shorts. I could hear him breathing slowly as he was asleep, and I was getting very horny feeling this man’s cock whilst he slept. To my delight his cock started growing as I stroked it, but he continued to sleep. I could not believe how big it felt. I moved my hand very, very slowly over the whole length of it and it seemed too big to fit in my hand. As I said, I am not very experienced, and I felt awkward as I gently caressed it. I could feel myself getting wet and I suddenly realized that he was no longer asleep, and could feel me rubbing his hard cock through his shorts. I stopped and pretended to be asleep but I knew that I had been caught. I slowly moved my hand away and suddenly felt his fingers on mine, stopping me moving my hand. He took my hand and squeezed it onto his cock. I was not sure what to do and just left my hand there for a few minutes before continuing to stroke his cock. Everything was done very slowly, and in absolute silence.

His cock felt rock hard, and I squeezed it tightly, and this made him thrust against my hand. I moved to the top of his shorts and slowly undid the button, and gently lowered the zip. When I pulled down his pants and touched his cock for the first time, I felt myself shiver with excitement. I could feel how wet the end was and rubbed my finger over it as I pulled back the foreskin. He moaned very quietly and I felt him thrusting slowly against my finger as I rubbed the end. I had never ever in my life felt as horny as I did at that moment.

Everything had been done in absolute silence, and to everybody else on the plane we were two people sleeping. I managed to pull back his foreskin and put my hand around the end. It was soaking wet and I thought he had cum, but he continued to breathe as if he was enjoying it so I carried on.

From the position I was in it was not possible for him to touch me and at that moment I wanted to feel his hands touching me. I was desperate, and I mean desperate, to feel his cock in me. I gently turned over onto my other side so that I was facing the aisle. I could see my husband asleep with the children stretched out, one on his lap. I could hear a couple of people chatting quietly somewhere, and most of the plane was in very low light. I reached behind me and felt for his cock. Everything was as if it was in slow motion, and covered by the blanket he turned towards me and I felt his warm cock against my bottom. When he reached forward and touched my pussy outside of my pants, I came so much that my whole body was alive. The fact I had to do it in complete silence really heightened the feeling and I must have cum for about 10 seconds without stopping. My whole body was in ecstasy, even to the tips of my toes. I did not know that it was possible to feel like I did.

I felt him pulling my pants to one side and then he pushed his cock into me in one go. Very slowly he pushed it in and I could feel him stretching me until the whole of it was inside me. We both laid quietly and I tensed my muscles around his cock. It was much bigger than the one I was used to, and I could feel it right at the top of my pussy.

I really wanted him to touch me with his hands but it was difficult to do that without giving the game away.

He gently rocked against me, each thrust taking about 10 seconds to go in, and 10 to come out. After what must have been 10 minutes, I felt his hand grip my thigh hard and then I felt the most wonderful feeling as his cock came in me. Because we couldn’t move, I could feel every jerk, and throb as his cock pumped his spunk into me. As he squirted into me for the third time I was again hit by the most incredible orgasm of my life. My whole body was cumming and how I manged not to scream I do not know.

We laid quiet and silent for ages before he slipped out of me and adjusted himself, and laid back and pretended to sleep.

The enormity of what I had done suddenly hit me. I had allowed another man to cum in me. I laid very still and quiet as I felt his spunk running down over my legs. This seemed to make me feel even worse and I did not want to face him so I just stayed quietly like that until the lights came on and I pretended to wake up like everybody else.

The whole episode must have taken about an hour. I turned to look at Gary but he had his eyes shut and was turned away from me.

For the rest of the journey we did not speak to each other and I have never mentioned it to anybody else.

Name Date Airline Flight # Time
Jane DiMaquita ?? Tiger Air ?? 11:00 PM
Aircraft From To Location Altitude
Changi International Airport Tan Son Nhat International Airport 35,000'