Brilliant Medical Excuse

Airline: southwest
Flight Number: unknown
From: austin To: el paso
Time: Morning
Aircraft: Not Sure
Location: Lavatory
Altitude: unknown
The Story: We have been meeting for “work purposes” since January. In the spring I mentioned a particular work trip that would take place during the summer. It would be out of state, far from both of our spouses. He was on board for the adventure. We decided to fly there and since we do not live in the same town or region, he suggested that we meet at an airport that was kind of in between our locations so that we could fly out together. I immediately liked the idea! He is great at making me feel comfortable with talking to him about past sexual experiences and things that I would like to try in the future. So, I told him that I had always wanted to join the MHC. This would be a fabulous opportunity! He agreed that it would be fun since neither of us had ever done it. We had a couple of months to think about it and I was on the search for the perfect sun dress to wear on the plane so that he had easy access. He did some research via the internet to determine the best sexual positions to use in a small lavatory. We have both traveled on commercial flights for work but now started paying attention to lavatory sizes, so that we could make the most of the short flight to our destination. I read different stories about how couples managed to get in the lavatory without drawing attention to themselves or getting ousted from the plane. I decided that the best way to handle getting in the lavatory or explaining why we were in there together was to use a medical explanation. I purchased a small internal catheter that is often used when men have scar tissue in their urethra tube, it is then inserted to break up the scar tissue so that they can urinate. If we were asked, I would explain that he needed me to help insert the catheter so that he could relieve himself. Since we are both married, we wear our wedding rings when we are out together so it would be no issue for the flight staff to believe that we were married to one another. Hence, I was just being a helpful spouse. We texted playfully and sexually about the upcoming trip. I even sent him a picture of the catheter that I purchased since it may have to become our excuse to have a romp in the lavatory. He was a good sport about the catheter excuse especially since just the thought of it is painful. I like that he was able to laugh about the possible medical excuse, a good sense of humor is attractive.
I have to say that the last few days leading up to our trip were very sexually exciting for me! I found a little black sun dress and I really liked the way I looked in it. The thought of not wearing any panties under a little shorter dress than I normally wore was erotic for me. I couldn’t wait to feel him push my dress up, grab my hips and be inside me. The thought of it made me wet. We met at the airport and got lucky enough to be able to park next to each other, which was great since my suitcase had decided not roll properly. He had to give me a hand with my over packed luggage…….I made a mental to note to reward that nice deed with a blow job while he was driving later in our trip. (Not that I mind giving him a b.j. When he starts moaning it turns me on a lot)
We finally made it on the plane! I sat by the window and he sat middle. I pulled out the lap blanket that I had brought in my carryon bag and spread it over our laps. I began to caress his penis through his pants and he was immediately hard. I liked feeling him get that hard, that fast and it made me get instantly wet. I began to work on getting his belt and pants loose so that I could get my hand on his penis. He had his hand on my thigh and inched it towards my clit. We spent the next little while fondling each other under the lap blanket while the cabin crew readied the plane for departure. His fingers in the middle of my wetness felt so hot. I could feel his penis start to give off a little bit of pre-ejaculate fluid and I used it to gently rub the soft underside head of his penis. I wanted so badly to lick it and taste him. I am not sure if the lady next to him knew what we were doing but if she did she gave no sign of noticing our under the blanket play. The plane pulled out and started taxing to the runway. His fingers felt so good teasing my clit. By the time the plane was rolling down the runway for takeoff his fingers were inside me and wow! It felt awesome! Lifting off the ground with all the thrust from the plane and having the thrust from his fingers inside me was so very hot that it made my head swim. It was the best departure ever. We continued to play for a little while longer, then as discreetly as possible buttoned, zipped and adjusted ourselves. After the crew left the rear of the plane to take drink orders, we headed to the lavatory. He went in first and I quietly snuck in behind him. To our knowledge no one saw us go in together. I quickly helped him undo his pants again, and we exchanged some hot kisses. He had his back towards the toilet and I bent over in front of him. He pushed my dress up and went deep inside me. He was hard and I was wet! It couldn’t have felt any better. The sink and mirror were to my left and I caught a glimpse of us having sex. I have never been one for taking pictures during sex but if there was one I would take, it would have been that one. Needless to say he always makes sure that I am satisfied. We were both pleased that our “work” related trip landed us in the MHC. We were able to leave the lavatory without any questions and returned to our seats for the duration of our short flight. This was certainly the most enjoyable type of flight. I did finally get to lick and taste him, on our drive to the hotel…………….I think he enjoyed the drive as well as the flight.


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