The Kindly Old Gentleman

I was on my way home from a business venture to California. I boarded my plane late in the evening and first class was practically empty except for a few buisness type people with headphones and sleep masks. I was seated next to a (older but very sexy) man in a suit. I caught his eye immediately and he struck up a conversation. About and hour into the flight everyone was asleep in first class surrounding us, he made eye contact with me and stroke me cheek, grabbing my chin then kissing me. It was a long sustaining kiss and i didnt mind one bit. He pulled away and apologized exclaiming that he didnt know what had come over him . I grinned leaning in and kissing him to tell him that it was perfectly fine. he began to inch his hand under my skirt, slipping his fingers into my pussy, working his fingers and making me cum. He quickly fixed a blanket as a curtain to cover us encase someone woke up. I couldnt repress a moan as he tugged off my shirt and sucked on my nipples i pulled off my skirt and underwear and was completely naked. Pulled off his clothes as quickly as possible. I split my legs and he kneeled on the ground moving his tongue around my g-spot. I breathed in hard, trying to repress a scream. I told him to sit in the window seat and i quickly gave him a blowjob to get him hard. He sat smirking, his penis erect. I mounted him slowly. Guiding his penis into the entrance of my vagina, i held onto the top of the seat to stabilize myself, letting out a scream of ecstasy (as quietly as possible). He wimpered with pleasure as moved my pussy up and down his swollen cock. After a while of this, we needed a change up so he told me to stand up and bend over. He handled me roughly but it was so hot. He shoved his rigid bratwurst into my butt whole, something i had never tried. But he was experienced with pleasuring a woman and did a great job. We continued fucking until the pilot announced that we would be landing soon. We cleaned up and took down the blanket only to find a couple horizontal from us gawking, looks like we weren’t as subtle as we’d thought. However, it was still the best flight of my life. Though we both decided we weren’t into a serious relationship we still do get together from time to time to talk and fuck.

Name Date Airline Flight # Time
Ms. Serena Larson July 21st, 2012 American Airlines - Evening
Aircraft From To Location Altitude
- California New York First Class -